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The first store opened at Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok, offered valuable price products and internationally renowned sports brands, including adidas, Nike, New Balance, Puma, and more, at affordable prices.


The Uptown Plaza store, Tai Po branch is the first store opened by Sportshouse in the shopping mall.


The 5,000-square-feet Whampoa Garden store opened. It is 5 times larger than the original store.


Sportshouse introduced the well-established and renowned German health sandal brand BIRKENSTOCK, and opened various exclusive stores, genuinely providing customers with products and services that combine style and healthcare.


Through cooperating with Converse, Sportshouse successfully repositions the classic American footwear brand as a staple item for young people and fashionistas.


The 8,000-square-feet Maritime Square store opens. The store also pioneered Hong Kong’s first rock climbing venue inside a shopping mall.


Constantly seeking changes, we open the first C.P.U., which targets the large market of young consumers and lays the foundation for our later development in China.


The Whampoa Garden store further expands to 10,000 square feet.


With 6 branches opening in Tsim Sha Tsui, Tuen Mun and Diamond Hill, the Group has more than 40 stores.


Sportshouse actively develops C.P.U. in China and introduces various world-renowned casual wear and footwear brands, including Dr. Martens, BIRKENSTOCK, Red Wing, El Natura Lista, and more, making C.P.U. to be one of today’s most popular fashion brands among young people in China.


Sportshouse successfully introduces the famous Japanese sports brand ASICS, boosting customers’ needs for running gear.


Established for 25 years, Sportshouse has been actively taking part in charity events, including creating “Green Tees” in collaboration with local celebrities to promote environmental protection, working with “Louis Program” to raise public awareness about autism, and cooperating with “Orbis” to help save sight around the globe.


Sportshouse opened Sportshouse RUN, its first running concept store, and C.P.U. Vintage.


In 30th anniversary of establishment, Sportshouse has over 170 stores in Hong Kong and China. With a global insight, the Group is dedicated to sourcing stylish sports brands from around the world, and now the agent of over ten international brands. In 2015, we introduced two more famous brands, Saucony and Keds, to provide customers with even more diversified sportswear and footwear choices to satisfy their different needs.

We commit to expand our collection of sports brands and products, and strive to deliver better services to our customers.

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Our Beliefs

We believe in the close relationship between people and sports.

We acknowledge the inseparable connection between sports and the brand.

We understand customers’ needs for sports gear.

About Sportshouse


We want to make sure our customers do not only get the stylish sports and casual apparel they look for, but also appreciate all the surprises we specially prepare for them.

Introducing international sports brands to suit different needs

Since our establishment in 1985, we have been dedicated to introducing a wide range of international sportswear and casual wear brands, including adidas, BIRKENSTOCK, Converse, Nike, and more, to provide customers with all kinds of apparel and gear that cater to their diversified needs.

Leading the trend and opening up the market of young people

Seeing the needs of young people for casual wear, we introduced C.P.U., a chain targeting young consumers, in 2001, exclusively offering stylish sportswear from Arnold Palmer, Jimmy Black, Pierrotti, and a lot more.

Promoting sports and giving back to society

We have always been an advocate for sports and charity. We built the first rock climbing venue inside a sportswear store in our Maritime Square branch, and actively organized various sports courses. In 2006, we worked with Changing Young Lives Foundation, a local charity organization, to put together many successful fundraising activities.

We will continue to move forward and genuinely provide our customers with endless surprises.